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 bob the artist.jpg (19789 bytes)  In 1974, Robert's son, Robert Jr., or Bobby, started to work for the company.  Like everyone else, he started as the brush washer and gopher, learning the business from the bottom up.  He married and had four little boys of his own, so he, too, began to immerse himself in the day to day operations of the business.  Bobby had shown artistic ability at a very early age and it wasn't long before he was custom mixing colors and "improving" on the liturgical stencils that had been passed down from generation to generation.  He was naturally drawn to Hans, and whenever the artist was working on a job, Bobby would spend every opportunity to sit at his side, soaking up his teaching, and observing the master at work.  Often, the two of them could be found perched on the scaffolding, discussing color or technique, long after everyone else had gone home.  It was during this period that Bobby first realized that he had the talent to become a liturgical artist.  Hans was very giving of his knowledge and encouraged him to pursue this dream.

In the early 1980's, Hans retired and Robert, Sr. began to contract with an artist by the name of Vittorio DiNovi, who worked out of New York city.  Vittorio and Bobby became fast friends and, as often is the case with an older man and a young protégé, Vittorio enthusiastically shared his knowledge and pushed Bobby to take his art to a higher level.  The two became inseparable, traveling together while on the road or Vittorio staying at Bobby's home while doing jobs in or around Scranton.  They painted together all day on the job and then went home and painted some more well into the night.  

In 1986, Robert, Sr. began to experiment with semi-retirement.  He did not want what had happened to him to happen to his sons, so he began to ease himself out of the business while getting them started, so there would be no interruption of work.  In 1992, Bobby took over sole ownership of the company.  Since then, the company has continued to flourish as the premier church decorating firm in the area and Bobby has earned himself not only a reputation as a gifted third generation church decorator, but he is also recognized as a bona fide liturgical mural artist.  As the new millennium comes in, the company's future looks very bright, indeed.

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